RAILS ASRS systems are tailored (custom) according to the buildings and structures that must house them,

as well as according to the logistical and organizational needs of each specific company situation.

Below are some of the most significant RAILS ASRS achievements.

Version for very high density VHDSS libraries with mobile shelves


Lenght: 20 m

Width: 5.5 m

Height: 3.8 m

Capacity: 100.000 vol.

Version for large archives in HDSS with fixed shelves





Lenght: 60 m

Width: 60 m

Height: 5,2 m

Capacity: 61 Kml

Modular version MHDSS with translating drawers





Lenght: 4.5 m

Width: 2.5 m

Height: 5.5 m

Capacity: 80.000 vol

Fixed moving buffer version





Lenght:12 m

Width: 3 m

Height: 3 m

Capacity: 50.000 vol.

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