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The M.D.S.S. system in the AGV / LGV / GGV (automated guided vehicles) versions it is based on the use of remote controlled light vehicles.

It stands out for its lightness on the ground and for its adaptability to any situation, without the need for invasive or structural interventions on the existing building. It can reach heights of up to 4.5 meters. The vehicle can be driven by lasers on board or directly by the operator.

Modelli 1.JPG


Plant suitable for hosting the most different dimensional formats with a high density of double depth storage. It allows a significant space saving as the items can be placed in cardboard boxes (strongbox) specially designed to accommodate any type of item.

Modelli 2.JPG

M.D.S.S. Multi depht

It is a medium-intensity storage system, extremely versatile in terms of adaptation to the environment, existing shapes and volumes.

It has a favorable cost / density ratio. It can reach 25 meters in height. It cannot be used on the upper floors of a building.

Modelli 3.JPG


Thanks to the introduction of mobile corridors, it is possible to store an almost double quantity compared to plants with fixed corridors.

It allows a very high density exploitation of the available volumes. It is a suitable system to solve the most critical situations in terms of lack of space.

Modelli 4.JPG
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