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For those who need a rational storage of their documents, Habitat Italiana has created COMPACTUS, the system of mobile shelves sliding on a track, available in the manual or electromechanical variant.

COMPACTUS is the most functional solution in terms of:

  • Greater storage capacity compared to fixed shelves;

  • Cost reduction; 

  • Safety;

  • Speed of consultation.


COMPACTUS can be customized: modules, separators, heights, depths, center distances, total height are the variables to measure that allow an optimal use of the surfaces destined to the deposit, guaranteeing a rational organization of the environments.

Each system is designed by  HABITAT ITALIANA Technical Office according to the customer's specific needs.

A wide range of accessories makes it even more functional: sliding closing doors, perimeter dust protection profiles, removable shelves, side dividers, anti-crush bars, leveling platform, lighting system on the trolley.

COMPACTUS, a system of mobile shelves sliding on a track, is available in the manual or electromechanical variant, to activate just touching a button.


Maximum safety: all systems are equipped with control systems that prevent any possible damage to the operators.

COMPACTUS AUTO STOREY: this exclusive model allows you to reach double heights (5 m) without creating additional slabs or scaffolding: inside the COMPACTUS cabinets there are in fact self-extracting walkways that allow you to create a second level of storage in complete safety and with a significant saving in structural costs.

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