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RAILS ASRS is the automated filing system developed on the synergy of advanced robotic systems combined with information technology and identification systems with radio frequency (RFID)..

  • Self-supporting mobile shelving: vertical mobile structures equipped with self-traction, designed specifically for the destined place and designed to contain the load units (UDC).

  • Loading units (UDC): containers intended to house volumes or archival units, contained in self-supporting mobile shelves. They are designed with proper measures and shapes as the documentation contained.

  • Shuttle: robotic unit intended for handling UDCs. It can be equipped with a "storage backpack", that is, a structure that houses more than one UDC drawer.

  • Totem or access point: terminal: to access the system, after accreditation or validation, consult the catalog, request consultation, book withdrawals. The functionalities can be customized, according to the needs of the Client.

The consultation phase can be implemented by adding the following additional supports to the bays:

  • An optical pointer that identifies the required document inside the drawer, indicating the exact pick-up and relocation point.

  • A monitor that highlights the position of the requested document inside the drawer, to facilitate picking.

  • Sensors that record the relative humidity and weight of the drawer when it reaches the consultation bay and when it is sent back to the shuttle for relocation.

  • Pest control and dusting stations: these are two different stations designed specifically to carry out, according to the periodic programming schedule, the disinfestation and dusting activities of the documentation. They are equipped with suction and filtering devices (dusting station) and with the creation of an atmosphere with total oxygen subtraction (station for disinfestation). The shuttle transports the drawers containing the documents for which the intervention is scheduled directly to the workstations.

  • Sampling station (SDC): this is the workstation equipped with optical and IT tools for the physical definition of the document and for the placement in the drawers according to the physical characteristics. It also allows the check weight and relative humidity.


With RAILS ASRS it is possible to reduce the normal document storage spaces up to 12 times thanks to the design flexibility, which can reach 20 meters in height.

RAILS ASRS can be positioned in areas normally not used because they are not very functional or difficult to reach, eliminating the use of spaces and accessories such as elevators, maneuvering compartments, safety distances, emergency stairs, air conditioning and lighting systems, structures for access to disabled staff, extinguishing systems, etc...

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